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Hello there, and welcome to the tagging page.
What's tagging, you ask? Well, tagging is how images are categorized on Why Boner, to allow for easy searching and organization.

When it comes to the images on this site, assume that everything has at least a dick, vagina, or breasts, and therefore there is no need to tag things with "dick", "vagina" or "breasts". Tagging is done for a particularity of the image itself that strays away from normal hentai.

All words should be separated by underscores, such as "breast_inflation".

Genitalia has so many different words, that it becomes difficult to accurately choose the best ones. Most of the time, penis, cock, wang should be tagged with "dick". Breasts, tits, etc should be tagged with "boobs". Exceptions have arisen due to common combinations such as "breast_inflation" or "horsecock".

There are plenty of girls with dicks on Why Boner, and the ones with balls are "dickgirl"s where the ones without are "futa"nari.

For wide-open buttholes, use "gaping", and for wide-open vaginas use "spread". This is to cut down on derivatives like spread_vagina, gaping_vagina, cavernous_vagina, etc.

To add artist information, follow the format of "artist:their_name"