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Anonymous 2016-10-19 07:32:37 No.1842 [Reply]

Nice to see Dmitry's art on here. There are more pics on Unfortunately the comment sections are full of prudes and SJW's who bitch and whine about him doing too much futa as well as other so called \"moralistic\" reasons. The worst part is that these people actually call themselves \"fans\". Proclaim you like a pic with dickgirls, be prepared to get showered with downvotes. Make a prudish/SJW comment; get showered with upvotes. Quite sad really.

assmasterflash 2016-10-19 12:06:27 No.1843 [Reply]

whyboner can never have enough futa and dickgirls

Anonymous 2016-10-21 18:38:25 No.1844 [Reply]

Given his style; I don't understand how he manages to attract prudes. It's ridiculous how intolerant they are of dirty comments being posted on his pics. The upvoted comments on there always involve idiotic critique. Some of these \"fans\" even say he is not a porn artist (try explaining that one). It sucks being a Dmitrys fan on because you have to put up with intolerant prudes.